February 28, 2020, 03:42 PM, Friday
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Economic success?

- Katy Watson

February 28

Vanda Felbab-Brown of the Brookings Institution in Washington DC says despite understanding the need to curb violence, Pena Nieto's approach has not been successful. He has, she says, essentially repeated all the same policies as his predecessor - that of targeting criminals.
But it has not all been a failure. The president has tried to prioritise economic reform too and has made some progress.
This week, the country held the first round of oil auctions - a huge step in opening up the energy sector to private investment.
According to Duncan Wood of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Centre, it is the campaign promise that has proved most successful - but amid falling oil prices and struggling production, it has not been without its challenges either.
Pena Nieto tried to look on the bright side this week, praising Mexico as an open and competitive economy on the up. But for all the talk of economics, it is public safety that people here are more worried about.

In a knowledge based economy,it is highly desirable that the new economic drivers of the 21st century such as intellectual property rights (IPRs) should be harnessed to stimulate the economic growth and foster social well-being. Unfortunately, the developing countries are still struggling to optimally use the IPRs for economic development and resource creation. However, much responsibility lies upon the government to promote and create conducive environment to capitalise on IPRs…

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The Return of History

-associated press
-February 28

AN Islamic philosopher in Karachi, an ideologue who provides violent ideas to some of Pakistan’s fiercest extremist groups, once told me that there are two…