July 19, 2018, 09:21 PM, Thursday
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Dispassionate debate

- sundar kunwar

July 19

Summit chairman Donald Tusk said 40,000 would be relocated to other EU states over the next two years.However, there will be no mandatory quotas for each country.The Greek debt crisis was also on the summit's agenda. Greece and its nternational creditors remain deadlocked after talks on Thursday.Earlier, Mr Tusk called on EU member states to share the burden of the boat loads of illegal migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean.

In a knowledge based economy,it is highly desirable that the new economic drivers of the 21st century such as intellectual property rights (IPRs) should be harnessed to stimulate the economic growth and foster social well-being. Unfortunately, the developing countries are still struggling to optimally use the IPRs for economic development and resource creation. However, much responsibility lies upon the government to promote and create conducive environment to capitalise on IPRs…

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The Return of History

-associated press
-July 19

AN Islamic philosopher in Karachi, an ideologue who provides violent ideas to some of Pakistan’s fiercest extremist groups, once told me that there are two…